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Region 1
ELCA "Region" Defined

The ELCA has nine regions which compose a partnership between groups of synods and the churchwide organization for the purpose of exercising mutual responsibilities. ELCA regions provide a forum where synods and the churchwide organization can study, plan, and share together to develop common programs. The programs are unique to each region.  Funding is shared by the participating synods and the churchwide organization according to mutually agreed upon allocation of funds. 
"Workers with us in the kingdom of God" is a phrase that takes on a deeper meaning in the context of rostered leadership in the ELCA. The six synods of Region 1 work to help individuals discern their call to the ministry of Word and Sacrament or Service. If you are interested in attending seminary, becoming ordained, being a rostered lay leader, or want to know more about discerning your call, reach out to your synod office.  

Reach out...  
We engage leaders in the formation of evangelizing congregations that make disciples for Jesus Christ who use their gifts for God's reign in the church and in the world by fostering a culture of discipleship, equipping leaders that multiply themselves, and building capacity to start new and renew congregations that are missional.  

The richness of our ethnic, cultural, and generational backgrounds creates beautiful diversity in the fabric of our congregations. Learning to invite and include all of these experiences in our ministry and daily interactions allows us to celebrate the fullness of God's creation.   

We are stewards of God's abundance. A healthy lifestyle that honors our vocations, community, and family serves the will of God. Regular and generous financial giving for church ministries and community charities is a vital response to what God has given you. Therefore, the stewardship teams of Region 1 work hand-in-hand with congregations to develop patterns of giving that help God's love flourish in our communities as together we are empowered by God's amazing grace.